coming and going

it was dark
I was driving her car
on the way to Phoenix
taking small mountain
when she bent over
unzipped my fly
and put my penis
into her mouth.
she began to tongue me
with a bit of suction
and I hardened.
I had no idea where we
but it was dark and steering
was hazardous
that way.
I made no sounds
it seemed ridiculous
to make passionate noises
while driving.

I climaxed going downhill.
there was a gentle curve
at the bottom of the hill and
I navigated it.
several miles further on
there was a cafe
and I pulled in.
we got out and she had
apple pie with vanilla icecream
and coffee
and I had a chocolate doughnut
and coffee.

the next day I met her mother
for the first time.
she dealt in real estate and
owned a bar in
when she asked me about the
drive in
I told her that it was hard
to tell if you were in
Arizona or New Mexico
and that it was always good
it see those lone cafes
along the road…

on the way back
the trip was quite similar
except I had a burger with
fries and she had
a slice of lemon meringue
with hot chocolate.
oh, and then at the California
they asked us about
the citrus.

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript
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