we went to see a play at a small playhouse and it
was so bad we slipped out at the first intermission
feeling we needed a drink to get us back to our
blue and yellow walls
we went to the first bar east
sat down and here was woman gyrating on a tiny
roaring and ripping and twisting her pelvis and her
pulp and her ganglia and her hips and her vagina and
her bungy
the red wine was served chilled
there was a fat man and a thin man and a medium
man watching and we were watching and there were
3 girls working
no band
the music came over the intercom and I feared the
then the girl on stage got down and one of the
waitresses got up there and she started ripping
her rump
tearing at her turnips
mascara eyes sinking deeply into her skull
she passionated
and the girl who had just been up there
she came by and served us 2 more glasses of
chilled red wine.
I yipped her smartly and the fat man and the thin man
and the medium man watching the girl #2 much in the manner
of men working crossword puzzles
when girl #3 got up
girl #2 served us 2 more glasses of chilled red wine
for which I tipped her not so smartly
girl #3 which was waitress #1 seemed the least intense
of them all
she just stayed on her back and first lifted one
then let it down
then lifted the other one
she had on a belt
strips of cheesecloth which dangled front and
back over a pair of panties with a pink heart
sewn upon the left hand cheek
the music stopped and she got on down and we
got on out
we walked back toward the car
“that was awful,” she said to me
“yes, it was,” I said, “but it was still
better than that play.”
we got back to the car
I had driven in
she drove us back.