Candidate Middle Of Left-Right Center

I will oust all neon,
all Soviet mandolin players,
Premier la Boboo,
monkey shit,
and listen–
I think two holes are better than one,
36 better than 18,
if you’ve got enough balls,
and I say bullfights right here
one next to every laundromat,
and I say more colleges and crap tables,
and I say Roosevelt was a great man
both of ’em,
and I will oust all stop signals,
all of ’em,
I will cut taxes in half
and cut the half into a quarter
and give a quarter to the Indians,
and I will send a man to the moon
and a woman,
and let them go it,
and name the first one for you
and the second one for you
and the third one for the Indian
who got the quarter;
I don’t believe in spy planes
that get caught,
and I believe in the common man
as long as he remains common,
by god, I’m here to clean up
this whole mess,
those seven astronauts have been
sitting on their butts long enough,
and I say let’s go get ’em…
we got enough bombs to blow up the world
nine times and nobody’s gonna bluff me,
and I promise a national lottery
and a home on Mars to the unemployed
and color television in Hell.

This poem appeared in the following books:
Charles Bukowski