Bruckner wasn’t bad
even though he got down
on his knees
and proclaimed Wagner
the master.

it saddens me, I guess,
in a petty way
because while Wagner was
hitting all those homers
Bruckner was sacrificing
the runner to second
and he knew it.

mixing baseball with classical
that’s hardly decent

I prefer Ruth to Maranville
but look at those who did
very well
and kept on doing it
even when they knew they
were outdone.

this is your club fighter
your back-up quarterback
the unknown jock who sometimes
brings one in
at 40-to-one.

this was Bruckner.

there are times when we like to
that a strange courage
miraculously seems
not to desist
when some of those nights
get black and long and sleepless
and the days seem