big deal

excellent then, you fuckers in the dark shades
I met behind Carlos place that morning
you have no idea what you sold me:  it was
a paper Christ with water wings and
I glued it to the back bumper of my
I also phoned Morry in Amsterdam and
told him to cut off your water and to
disregard your sick theory that a giant dog
is eating Space.
also, Demeter phoned from Peru and said
the secret troops were gathering like killer
it won’t be long before the fan hits the
I am ready.
I killed the snakes in the radiator last
I have subdued my ghosts and disconnected
the toaster,
got my sister a job as a nudey dancer,
placed a ten on the nine and slept in the

you think you know me but you don’t.
you fuckers in dark shades.
you know what you sold me?
the winning ticket to the earth.
and now I’m going to burn it.
while the crickets laugh.