Be Alone

when you think about how often
it all goes wrong
you begin to look at the walls
and stay inside
because the streets are the
same old movie
and the heroes all end up like
the old movie hero:
fat ass, fat face and the brain
of a lizard.

it’s no wonder that
a wise man will
climb a 10,000 feet mountain
and sit there waiting
and living off of berry bush leaves
rather than bet it on two dimpled knees
that surely won’t last a lifetime
and 2 times out of 3
won’t remain for one night.

mountains are hard to climb.
the walls are your friends.
learn your walls.

what they have given us out there
is something that even children
get tired of.

stay with your walls.
they are the truest love.

build where nobody else builds.
it’s the last way left.