action down on the corner

a man hit a pregnant woman
he seemed to know her
knocked her down on the sidewalk
outside the Mexican food place
she was in a black dress with
orange dots
she fell on her back and screamed
she had a bloody nose
and the man was fat
in workingman’s clothes
and a crowd gathered:
“you son of a bitch, what did you
hit her for?”
“we oughta cut your balls
he just stood there
looking down at her
and she sobbed
the blood from her nose
running into her
the people gathered
there must have been
50 people.
“let’s waste the son of
a bitch!”

just then an old battered black car
with headlights on
at noon
came down the street at
70 m.p.h.
swerving to avoid a car
he flashed by with 2 wheels
momentarily on the
curbing near the
then he got wheels down
fired through the
red light
without hitting a thing and
was gone.
“the son of a bitch got
away,” somebody
one man glanced toward the
as if looking for an invasion
from space.
the cook from the Mexican cafe
stood in his
dirty apron.
then somebody moved forward and
helped the pregnant woman
to her feet.