a very dramatic man

Vellors always hid the knife in the bushes
when he got ready to fight
then if the guy started to duke him down
he’d go for the steel.
he had this guy down last week,
stuck him in the leg,
the guy was moaning,
“oh my god, you’ve stuck me in the leg…”
and Vellors had the knife across his throat
and he said, “I’m gonna chop your head off!”
then Vellors girlfriend drove past in her car, stopped
and screamed,
“don’t do it, Vellors, I beg you, I beg you,
don’t kill that man!”
“I’m gonna chop his head off!” screamed Vellors.
“Vellors, Vellors!: don’t do it, and get away before
the police get here!   the police are coming!”
I saw him a couple of days ago.
“good thing,” he said, “my girlfriend stopped me
or I woulda chopped his head off, hehehehehe…”
Vellors liked that sort   of thing.
he was very dramatic.
some day he is going to do it
if he hasn’t already done it.   meanwhile, we are
good friends.