a need for glue

broken into echelons broken into bits of burnt toast
broken into me broken into thou broken broken broken
broken into buses going by, broken into ladies in green
getting into elevators, broken into smoke and sleep and no
sleep, broken into a wrong number, broken like alka-seltzer
broken like a window a widow amoth a mouth a month a minute
broken broken like my mother my father my loves my years
broken broken like Ernie like fish pulled out of violet
water, broken like a string, broken like fingers ashtrays
Christmases NewYears broken like a toilet, a bottle, an eye
broken like men broken like dogs
the wars and the days and the nights
the cars the streets the hedges
broken the fences broken
the doctor crying on the balcony
the whole city like vomit across the plain
broken like Marciano like Napoleon like Adolph
broken like a dish a leg a
a man comes to my door selling needles and thread,
I send him away on his crutch
turn back into the room
find it find it
the watches and the ways and the faucets;
all is terminated;
the end is a dirty piece of bone,
the entire world sobs like an old
Woman.   I fart and raise my

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript
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