a name is nothing if the named is nothing

writing the good stuff from the starvation
rooms of madness and having it all
come back
and now being far from those rooms
and sometimes writing stuff that is
not so good
and getting it accepted
which is the way it is when you
get half a name
and it was that way then
when I saw the writers with names
getting crap published
that was nowhere near as good
as my rejected stuff
and that’s just the way the world
is and was
and I see actors now acting
who can no longer act
and comedians still up there
dead with their lines.
why do the people and the
powers persist in ingesting
this shit?
I am astonished always at the
stupidity of Humanity.
I shouldn’t be, it’s
but it’s also

which, after all,
keeps giving us this
material to write

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript