a most serious fellow

this fellow is always worried about his
my poem-dick is limp,
he tells me,
I can’t have any visitors for 6 months.
I decided not to put out the magazine
I accepted all those poems
but I decided not to do it
because it would get in the way of my

he has a house down by the seashore
and gets a salary for collecting rents
for his rich family.
that doesn’t seem to get in the way of
his poem-dick.   it might even make it
and none of the tenants write poetry

he picks girls up on the beach
and takes them to his cottage and
fucks them

he used to say that he was the
#one poet and that I was #2.
now he’s changed it:
I’m #one and he’s #2.
he’s learning.
but after he read this poem
he’ll be # one
and I won’t even be on the

he’s still a good poet
he just makes too much of

a very grim fellow
sunning himself upon the sands of
the Pacific
and checking out leg-shapes and
pubic hairs

as for me
I hope my poem-dick gets limp
before the other one