a lot of nothing

it usually occurs in a public place, you are standing about
in a half dream state     when some fellow will rush up at
you     from out of space
he will be a bit on the fat side     round and red of face,
usually balding
and he will grab your hand     and begin shaking it

“how the hell you been?   it’s been a long
time! so good to
see you!

you will pull your hand away
and he will go on talking
all the while
putting this     wide smile
upon you.

“uh huh,” you will say     then turn and walk
his voice still following you     until
at last
you are away from it     and him….

every 4 or 5 weeks     some son of a bitch
like that will
ruin your day.

I mean     it takes a good
thirty or fourtyfive minutes
blank him