a lazy afternoon

up the hill
from the Catholic school
I shot the bear.
just before I shot the
he looked as if he were doing
a dance
the grass was very green
and the people were
yes, they were.

I crossed at the signal
and the cars
I got into the Volks and
lit a cigarette.
I thought about K.R.
leaning over the parapet
above the little theatre
and saying:
“Chinaski, I don’t trust
and I’d said, “come on down,
bunny, and we’ll talk it
later I almost caught him
at a ballet class
but he ran behind the curtain
and found an exit
then I shot the dogs of Akron
as they stood before me
and then I shot the girl
who had the 3 inch false eyebrows
lips of the suckerfish
eyes of the hyena
I started the car
I needed toilet paper
and cabbage
maybe I’d shoot some of
the more interesting people
in the Safeway.

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