a horror poem

Dear Charles Bukowski:   How are you?   I am a fan of
yours at the University of ————-.  No one else here
has ever heard of you except for those who I’ve
given your books to (teachers, students & friends).
Most of them think you’re a fantastic writer although
your subjects are a bit bizarre.   I disagree.   I think
you are great all-around.

I sometimes write stories that are obvious and pale
imitations of yours.   They are so bad that
I always give them the same title:    BS.   Actually
people around here think they’re pretty good but then
they’ve never read you.   Maybe I’ll send you one

Anyway, I’m coming West this winter and would like to
visit you.   I hate to
bug you but am still coming
hell or high water.   of course, I have to find your
address but I’ll keep digging until I
get it.

         See you soon.

                                 Your fan
                                  ———– ————

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript
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