a great place

by the way, Moses, sitting here with the
short deck with Kraft Meyerbeer
we saw these Indians climbing over the wall.
Kraft zonkered the first one with a fireball
I got the second with my old luger
and Kraft
he got the third one
who looked like Marlon Brando
he got him in the ass with a broken
ketchup bottle.
New Mexico is a great place to be,
we sit in the back yard all day
under the shade trees
listening to Brahms and John Cage
and drinking peppermint tea laced with
sometimes at night the whores come
floating over the wall with their
big pink balloon breasts
and we slingshot them down with
tiny rocks of
they scream,
piss, flop in the
sometimes we’ll catch a wild dog and
skin him alive.
things get better and better.
yesterday we killed a cop, stuck his ball
in his mouth
and put him on a park bench in the town
on Sundays we wither burn churches or
make our own
the other day a guy put a dent in my fender
so I wired him to my front bumper
and drove him all the way to
Las Vegas
like that
and then I got up speed and rammed him
to shit
against the fanciest whorehouse in town.
nobody much bothers us out here,
although they’ve threatened to call out
the state troops.
now we don’t want to hurt all those
nice boys,
lots of them have mothers and sisters
and sweethearts.
you ought to see our garden
best garden in town
best in the world
like the Garden of Eden
except no snake would dare enter…

well, thanks for phoning, Moses,
come on down and see your uncle Jake
we’ll find
to do.