a good show

we came out of the fairgrounds race after
the eleventh race
and my girlfriend said she wanted to see
the woman who turned into an ape.
all right, I said.
so we went in and stood there
and then they brought in 6 paraplegics in
they needed room to see.
I stepped to the back and left her
up front.
each paraplegic was a young man and each
young male had a young girl behind him.
the show began and a highschool girl
stood in a cage.
a record played.   she was Axuna and she was
told to concentrate, concentrate and go back
5,000 years in time.
the girl nearest me took her paraplegic and
tried to straighten his head.
the head fell back to the right side.
meanwhile Axuna began to grow hair.
the girl took the paraplegic’s head and
tried to straighten it up again.
she seemed in a fury and yet, felt that there
was something sexy about it.
Axuna continued to grow hair.
the boy’s head fell to the right side again.
the tent began to darken.
the girl grabbed the boy’s head again
and then
slapped him across the face.
it aroused me, I got hot.
the girl had a wonderful shape
and her body would not stay still.
she pulled at the boy’s hair and I
heard him whimper.
I was very close to climax.

then the lights came on and Axuna was
an ape.   the ape rattled the bars of the
cage.   the record told us that the cage
was very strong and for us not to be

then the cage broke open and the ape
leaped out.
it ran toward the audience
and then out an exit in the

the show was over.
I looked at the girl who had boffed the
paraplegic about.
she had a bitter and impassioned face
with a small round mouth.

I met my girlfriend outside.
“how’d you like it?” she asked.
“damned good show,” I said.
“what?” she couldn’t believe it.

“I dug it, baby,” I said.

“let’s ride the ferris wheel,” she said.

“no,” I said, “let’s end it on this
high note.”