a gentle, alcoholic night

I told Linda I was going to come up here and
but I’ve stared at this machine
15 minutes while
drinking wine and smoking.

but there is a very fine symphony on the
and I don’t feel too badly about not
this could be a good time to answer those
letters from those people to tell me of their
but I did that several nights ago,
I got 5 or 6 of them with
one shit.

there is a writer I know, he’s a very
good one but all he writes about is
writing, he writes about writing
well, he will write, I have written ten
poems today.
or he will write, I haven’t written a
poem in 3 months.
or he will write that all his poems are
coming back
or he will write that all his poems have
been accepted.

this poem is something like his: talking
about it.
it’s relaxing, you can just go on and say things
I went for a walk with a poem
I went to the track today with a poem
and we had some arguments over our selections
but anyhow we
both lost.
I drank today but my poem(s) smoked

anyhow, Linda now hears the typer going
and probably thinks that I am
hammering out great stuff.
actually, I came up here to drink
great stuff.

right, poem?

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