a fact

Antony’s wife cut out Cicero’s tongue.
Charles Starkweather went to the electric chair
on June 25, 1959.   it took him 4 minutes to die.
Charlotte Corday was 25 on June 13, 1973 when she
pulled the plug on Jean Paul Marat.

remember:   declaration of personal bankruptcy remains
on your credit record for 14 years.
male silkworm moths can detect a female moth
6 and 1/2 miles away.
flying fish can stay airborne for 1,000 feet.
the land crabs of Cuba can run faster than a horse.
whales weighing 195 tons and mice weighing 3 ounces
develop from the same size egg.
Cleopatra never washed the dishes.

this is what happens when you sit down to
write a poem and you can’t write one.

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