a common interest

these 3 sisters were almost always fighting
with each other and the object and subject of
their fighting was always the
same:    MEN.

and they loved to party and dance and
flirt, and one of them was always getting
married   or another divorced
and the babies piled

but meanwhile
they were almost always excited about
some next

I sat with the 3 of them
on many a long morning
as they chatted over their coffees about

“pardon me, girls, but I’ve got to

“what are you going to do fucker,”
the one I was living with would
ask, “going to get drunk

“now, honey,” I’d say, “don’t talk
like that, your mother sure wouldn’t like
to hear that kind of talk…”

and I’d drive down to this bar where
nobody talked at all, I’d
just get my drink and sit there
and that bar wood looked real
friendly and good, and that
little beer sign up there with the
bubbles running all through the
yellow and blue neon tubes, that
was all that I