200 yards from the surf

Kathleen Ann La Chance, 24,
her body
with hands and feet loosely bound
was found murdered
Wednesday night
shortly after dusk
200 yards from the surf
midway between
Santa Monica and Ocean Park piers

she was discovered by a jogger

the autopsy showed
she had been stabbed 10 times in the back
and twice in the chest
and raped

the young woman had spent
much of the afternoon

at her boyfriend’s apartment
rehearsing a play.
she left about 5 p.m.
saying she wanted to run along the beach
before returning home

Miss La Chance was a student at
Estelle Harman’s Actor’s Workshop
and had come here to launch an acting career
after study at Chicago City College
and Barnum Studios.

“She had real potential for
commercial impact,” Miss Harmon said.

the sand was kicked up in an eight-foot radius
indicating there had been a struggle,
police said.